Adopting Social: More than Marketing, Strategies, Promotions, & Sales

Why Is Adopting Social Different Than Other Internet  Marketing & Promotion Companies?

Many online marketing companies often see the work they do as some highly specified CIA  level secret. They will be glad to take your money, convince you that they will get top search engine results within months, increase your social media ROI by a crazy percentage, and wow you with reports that only serve to keep  your CEO happy. It is often about sales marketing. That’s not what I am about.

Why Adopting Social is Not all About Sales Marketing and Strategies

I am not a marketer. I am not a public relations expert. I am not an advertiser. I am not a promoter in the traditional sense.

I came to the internet as a person looking for a community. I learned about the internet organically by using it every day to engage with the community. I learned to write on online forums, and then, through blogging. As I have a natural affinity to the web, I found a local position professionally blogging and link building with added training in search engine optimization, just when social media became the “thing”. So I was made the Director of Social Media and ran some pretty big brands and their campaigns.  Somewhere along the line, I began to see things differently. I wasn’t helping people, I was just marketing sales to people that really didn’t need or want what we were promoting.  That is where the company was going as it grew;  I didn’t fit anymore and it didn’t feel good. I got off at the next stop.

Philosophical Differences; the Internet as a Tool for Connections, not Marketing Sales

The way I have seen it:

  • Many marketing firms see the internet, and especially social media, as a tool for the marketers to use for their benefit to sell stuff and get impressive conversion numbers.
  • I see the internet as a tool for the communities to use for their benefit for communication, connections, knowledge and social good.

I understand the community because I come for the community. I can put on the marketer lenses and sense the opportunities, but they have to organic and real. This is the great online marketing challenge. This contrived marketing creations, meant to “go viral” have got to stop.

The “experts” say follow the passion and I agree, but it has got to be real. I can’t teach you how to fake the funk and I won’t fake it for you. I can help you find your community and communicate with them on their terms. I can help you have a strong online foundation that is searchable and ranks well for what is important to you. I can make sure that your website is easy for you to use and understand and grow with. I can help teach you good internet habits to get into, create a firm foundation of best practices, and alert you to when there is something new to pay attention to. And, I can make it as easy as possible, at your pace, and most of all, understandable. Like a personal internet guide.

I don’t want to make a ton of money. I don’t want huge well known named clients. I don’t want to hire more people and oversee them doing tons of your work.

I’d much rather help real people learn how to use the tools and products available on the internet reach common goals that have value for all. If I do my job right, you won’t need me for very long. You’ll have the skills and assistance to market what matters.

Your passion, my understanding; together we are Adopting Social.